Eddie's Truck Center

Eddie’s Truck Center, which includes a freightliner dealership and service shop, is designed to allow customers ease of access and visibility from Interstate I-90. This 44,000 square foot facility incorporates space for sales, parts, administration, and service.

One aspect that sets the building apart from surrounding structures is the unique approach to breaking down the appearance of a metal building by using simple contemporary elements. To accomplish this, the team utilized architecturally exposed structural steel with linear profiles of metal panels.

FourFront Design Inc. designed a 19,000 square foot in-floor heating system for the maintenance, lube, and service areas. The system utilizes geothermal water to water heat pumps, providing 110-degree heated supply water.
Emergency ventilation systems are designed and installed in the maintenance, lube, and service areas according to the latest International Mechanical Code to control automotive carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide levels. Direct fired make-up air units, with 100% outside air capabilities, are interlocked to facility exhaust fans, allowing evacuation of air in the event of a life safety event.

Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide alarm panels were designed and sequenced for this facility. This design also utilizes a heat recovery system for energy efficiency. Humidity levels are controlled by exhausted air in two truck wash bays.

  • Client
    Eddie’s Truck Center
  • Location
    Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Scope
    Architecture, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Landscape Architecture
  • Project Size
    44,000 SF
  • Year Completed