Focus on Quality

Quality Control Management

Quality Control is not just checking the documents at the project’s end. It is a continuous process involving the entire team beginning with the initial planning through all subsequent project phases and milestones. Our team uses a QA/QC Project Management Plan for each project that is the backbone of our services.

Kick-off Meeting

A quality-designed project will always start with a firm understanding of the scope by the design team. We use a Kick-off Meeting to confirm exactly what the owner needs us to accomplish as well as the budget and schedule. The Project Initiation Visit reviews the project site and aligns it with the scope with a field analysis and gathering of data such as zoning, code, historical requirements, etc.

Risk Management

Risk management starts with the kick-off meeting where we identify any potential risk and assess its threat to the project’s success. Each risk is then allocated to the appropriate team member who is best equipped to manage and minimize the specific risk. Risk windows indicating when any risk factor may occur is identified and addressed in the schedule. A Risk Management Tracking Report allows the team to review the progress until it is tracked to its successful conclusion.

Review Process

The Quality Control Review Process is broken down into 3 basic components, each followed by a “Technical Clearance” sign-off. Within the Project Management Plan, a schedule of milestones and physical sign-off with who is responsible is included. An Audit Log records issues and resolutions.

The reviews check for any issues such as code compliance, constructability, or scope. During weekly meetings and regularly scheduled client meetings, we also review budgets and schedules to be able to identify and respond to any issues.

Feedback from peers outside the team allow for critical, timely information. Our Project Manager will assign a review team to review the design and construction documents typically 2 to 4 weeks ahead of delivery dates.

This component involves the review by the client and/or CFM and their Independent Plan Checkers. Comments from these reviews are responded to and resolved within 2 weeks.