Minot Air Force Base Repair HVAC Control

Our task was to implement a base wide Utility Management Control System (UMCS) that would tie all mechanical equipment controls from 125 buildings to a common front-end control center using a single personal computer and multiple flat screen monitors.

We provided a dedicated virtual local area network (VLAN) specifically for facility controls. This gives energy efficiency and enables data collection throughout Minot AFB and the missile field on the existing Air Force network although the systems do not touch digitally.

Minot AFB’s previously has digital controls in roughly 125 buildings throughout the base and the missile complex. However, with the network system, most of the buildings were unable to be controlled from one central location. With the new VLAN, 125 total buildings are connected as well as 157-unit heaters in various mechanical rooms. Users can graphically view all buildings systems and manipulate set points for any building from the central location.

  • Client
    Department of Air Force
  • Location
    Minot, North Dakota
  • Scope
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Year Completed