VRC Metal Systems

This project required the renovation of a former elemetary school into the new headquarters facility for VRC Metal Systems. The existing elementary school consisted of two gymnasiums, two library spaces, and a variety of classroom and administrative spaces, totaling approximately 55,000 square feet.

Phase I consisted of taking 40,000 existing square feet and upgrade the mechanical, electrical and architectural work in order for the entire VRC Metal Systems operations to occupy the facility. Classrooms along the primary corridors were renovated to facilitate functional Engineering, Spray Ops, Production, Research/Development, and Staff amenity spaces.

The upper gymnasium was converted to the primary Production floor space and shipping location for large equipment and deliveries. The lower gymnasium and existing library was remodeled to serve as the new main entry point for Administration, Sales/Support and a shared training space for Spraying Operations.

Majority of mechanical and electrical systems that were in place remained however ventilation and plumbing was updated to the needs of the client. Six new variable air volume (VAV) air handling units were installed to be the primary source of heat. Each zone VAV included new ductwork and ceiling diffusers to be installed.

An outdoor condensing unit (CU) and direct expansion (DX) cooling coil was also added to each of the 4 air handling units that serve the Engineering, Production, Spray Ops, and R&D areas in order to provide comfort cooling to these spaces.