Westhills Village Courtyard

FourFront Design designed the remodel of the Westhills Village Courtyard. We want to create a space that appealed to both residents and family members or guests, having a positive impact on their lives, as well as the staff who care for them.  With the surge of upcoming baby boomer residents, it was important that we creatively plan features that will optimize the experience both now and into the future, being conducive to resident’s changing needs.

The new facility interior were to be cohesive with the style and feel of the common area most recently renovated. Westhills Village has set a high standard for level of design, which is inspired by HOME, HOSPITALITY, and HEALTH. Thick antimicrobial wear layer, reduced noise transmission, slip resistant, and low maintenance flooring is key. We utilized wall covering in areas where it is most impactful. Heavy use casework and countertop materials are used throughout. We want to maintain the level of quality Westhills Village has set in past renovations.

Fourfront Design, Inc. has served Westhills Village Healthcare for over 15 years. Some of the projects completed include: Healthcare Expansion, Westhills Village Villas, Westhills Village Assisted Living Facilities, Commons Remodel, and Westhills Village Apartments.

  • Client
    Westhills Village Healthcare
  • Location
    Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Scope
    Interior Design
  • Year Completed